Saturday, 2 November 2013

Slutty Miss Sarah.

This is Sarah. Sarah is my sub. Sarah is in chastity. Sarah can't manage to fucking keep it in her panties. 

Next time Sarah, I lend you to my alpha. 
You've been warned. 


Monday, 2 September 2013

Goddess Seeking sub.

Position available within my 'Humiliation Nation' as a full time Human Diary.

As a human diary, It will be your responsibility to keep track of my calender and remind me of events I'm due to attend, task I need to run, Accounts I need to manage, Keep track of my session times and remind me of general things that I deem to be important.

If this sounds like something your tiny brain can comprehend and manage, then feel free to apply!

All I require are a few simple details.

What is your name?
What is your age?
Where are you located?
What is your occupation?
Do you have a wife, children or other commitments that could interfere with your record keeping?
What are your hours of availability?
Do you enjoy menial work?
and finally, How long can you pledge your service for?

All applications require a full face photo.

Applications must be sent to

Best of luck losers!


Monday, 26 August 2013

They’re called “Manners”.

I’ve been doing this ‘Domme’ thing for a while now, and as a goddess, I’ve acquired a taste for being treated as such in every aspect of my life. I enjoy fine dining and expensive trips away. I enjoy spending huge amounts of YOUR hard earned cash and receiving expensive shoes and lingerie. But there’s one thing that as a goddess I’ve become ESPECIALLY fond of and to be quite honest, it’s the most INVALUABLE thing a sub can offer up, His or Her manners.
I’m approached by 12 different submissives daily, seeking my services for real time domination sessions and online humiliation, Of those 12 per day, (roughly 84 per week) I maybe choose 3. Not 3 a day, 3 a week and all because of one simple fact. Those 3 subs that I choose ALWAYS approach me with wonderful manners. Sometimes it’s not about how much money a poor excuse for a man is willing to throw at me for some pictures or an hour of my time. It’s about the approach. There is nothing quite like being emailed by a wonderful submissive with perfect manners and who addresses you correctly, who ASKS you for the privilege of conversing with you. Who offer up what money they can just too speak to you. Who take the time to actually get to know you and tribute you with things they’ve actually put some thought into. Those are the submissives I’m willing to spend my precious time with, to give them exactly what they ask for. Why? Because they asked nicely.
It really makes me mad when some fucking dickweed DEMANDS he gets what he wants just because he says he’s going to tribute hundreds of dollars. Demanding anything, straight up without engaging pleasantries is a MASSIVE no-no. Atleast 75% of the time one of these asshats contacts me, they’re making demands for things that take time and effort out of my day to organise and prepare for. If I have to waste ANY of my time, you had better ask me nicely for it. It’s not hard to string a nice sentence together. Here look wankball, I’ll show you!
“Hello Goddess, how are you today? I was reading your blog and I follow your twitter when I saw you conduct real time sessions. I was just curious if you would be able to make some time in your busy schedule so that I may spend an hour of your precious time with you, if you would allow me such a pleasure. Here is a tribute for reading my email and wasting your precious time on such an undeserving little sub such as myself.”

That was taken DIRECTLY from an email sitting in my inbox.
That sub, is getting the hour he asked for and exactly what he wishes to happen in said hour, more or less simply because of the way he addressed me. Take note, he addressed me as ‘goddess’ and asked me how I was in the first sentence. Next, he showed his interest in me by noting he enjoys keeping up with my daily activities and the training of my sissy Rebecca. Then, he asks politely if I can make time in my schedule for him and his needs and lastly he offers a small but enjoyable gift or giftcard for one of the many things I often express my desire for. In ONE paragraph, this sub has proven his belief in my worth, that he finds me interesting, has ASKED for my time whenever I choose to give it and has made an offering.
I am FAR more willing to spend my time with this submissive as opposed to a bratty little shitface who demands I cater to his fetishes, immediately simply because he has a wad of cash.
Number one, I don’t NEED your money. I can pay my own bills and live comfortably all by myself, I just take pleasure in making weak little men broke.
Number two, the only person in this conversation that gets to make demands is ME.
And lastly, I don’t HAVE to do anything.
If you think that being a rude little shit is going to get my attention and make me want to spend my time with you, then you most certainly are wrong. The only thing you’ll be getting is a one way ticket to my blocked, deleted and spam lists.
What I really fucking hate, is when they try to blackmail you with bad publicity. I have a clientele of hundreds bitchface, do you really think the words that spill from the mouth of an insignificant little cockroach is really going to stand up to the countless men and women who are both happy with and appreciate the services I provide? The answer is no.
In short, when you’re addressing any Domme (or any woman for that matter), politeness always prevails because as my bible states, “Thine goddess giveth and thine goddess can taketh away.”
I give my time happily to good submissives. I block ungrateful little shits who call themselves “submissives” from all my content who can’t even be bothered to simply ask how I’m doing.

In summary, if you don’t want to be nice, don’t bother approaching me in the first place.

Till then,
Xx Love Lex.

Tweet: @goddess_lexii
Instagram: goddess_lexii

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In the land of Lex.

Just a quick update on what's happening in the land of Lex. 

Sissy Rebecca is currently on holidays (or for you American folk, 'vacation') in Europe, sampling the likes of Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK. From what I understand she's having a great time and purchasing me many presents. 

Sissy Mande is currently going through some personal issues, so nothing to report there. 

I've been busy doing what I do best, locking up clit sticks, receiving tributes and real time domination/humiliation sessions. Due to my privacy disclosure I can't delve too far into what that entails- but I'll let you use your imagination. 

So some of you may have seen via my twitter feed I went out on Saturday night and you know what they say: while the sissy loser is away, the goddess will play!  And play she did! The club I was heading too had a house of horrors themed evening and what better way to terrify the vanillas then by going in my "work clothes"? Dark make up, corset, sexy black fetish bra, vinyl mini skirt, nylons, skyscraper stilettos and armed with a crop I made the impression I was hoping for. Little boys were lining up to buy me drinks and stammer out a "d-do you want to d-dance?" I could only have imagined the show I was putting on as I dropped it low on the dance floor, teasing all the boys in my line of view. Part of me wished Rebecca was there, not because I missed her, but because I like forcing her to watch me flirt with other men and women, forcing her to watch as superior

men chat me up, put their hands around my waist, whisper naughty things in my ear... Maybe there's room for a serious cuckoldress in me yet? 

Anyway, must dash there are packages that require my opening. 


Friday, 9 August 2013


Once I hit the magic 1000 followers on twitter, I shall be rewarding you all with a FREE clip. Cum eaters beware...

So follow @goddess_lexii 

And tribute

And buy me something pretty! 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

To hooters and beyond.

A little while ago for those of you that follow my twitter account (@goddess_lexii) would have noted that I took my little sissy Rebecca out for an evening meal and a drink or two... With a twist. 

"What are we going to do today goddess?" 
"Oh not much" I coyly replied. 
I had been feeling particularly evil of late and I really wanted to have a little bit of fun at Rebecca's expense.

"Today. You are to wear your stockings, suspenders, panties and you are to lock that 'thing' away" I said pointing at her crotch.  "We're going out."

Without protest she dressed herself accordingly though AGAIN required help with her stockings. 'She really must learn to do this herself.' I thought. 

I dressed myself in what I knew to be her favourite dress. A tight little black office-y styled thing with a ridiculously short hem line. Stockings, flats, hair in a pretty pony and accessorising my outfit with my favourite pendant, The keys to her chastity device.  

As soon as she saw me I watched her fiddle with her cb6000s.

"Yep, I've got today in the bag and we haven't even left the house yet!" 

We ventured into the city Rebecca holds most dear, the city of Sydney. We strolled through the city streets and browsed out way past shiny shop fronts to the King St wharf. 

I was happy to discover a week previous, that they were holding a food festival there. I love good food. As a goddess that loves to cook it's only natural that I would love to eat! We sampled the wares of some of Sydney's most famous chef's and restaurants and ate until our tummies were full. 

Pleased, I wanted to shop. Rebecca needed new panties and I had a good 4 hours to block in before the real fun started. 

What started off as an exercise for Rebecca, ended up with her dropping a cool $500 on me instead. This goddess got some new underwear and a vibrator.. And not a single pair of panties in sight for Rebecca et al. 

I never pass up and opportunity to tease Rebecca and make her little clit stick strain against it's cage. 

So while I was trying on several sets of bra's and panties, I just HAD to show her, what torturous fun! I caught her fiddling with her cage again but she behaved herself well. What a good little piggy I have! 

It was almost dusk when we emerged from our shopping trip and it was time to travel west, It was time for my plan to take shape. 

We arrived in Parramatta. Sydney's second CBD and we went hunting for a taxi. I knew she was nervous. She had a vague idea of where we were going but she had NO Idea what my plans were exactly. 

Into the taxi I instructed the driver to "Hooters Rose Hill please" and off we went. Rebecca sat there, fidgeting with her suspenders and stockings through her jeans. 

We arrived. Walking to the door I saw her uneasiness and she saw my delight. I pushed open the door, muttering "bitches first" so only she could hear before an overwhelming "HI WELCOME TO HOOTERS" came bouncing through our ear drums. 

I watched her face as she laid eyes upon the bevy of beauties strolling around the restaurant  in their tiny orange short shorts and pert breasts overflowing from their tiny white tank tops.  I watched Rebecca's hands fidget with her cage through her jeans. 

The lovely Mel greeted us and brought us to our table. Seductively she lent over our table, showing Rebecca her cleavage and winking. I knew my little Beccy was in trouble and I found it hysterical.  

She took our order when I cheekily told her it was Rebecca's birthday. 

I had been to Hooters many times before. And so I knew exactly what Rebecca was in store for. Rebecca had never been to Hooters before, so she was blissfully unaware.

The very beautiful Mel made my job ridiculously easy. Her constant sexual innuendo and very sexualised nature had him begging for the keys before the drinks had even arrived. 

The music was playing loudly and I was teasing him with his keys. Wrapping the chain around my finger, shimmying my breasts, making the keys jiggle, running my toes up the inside if her thigh and nudging her cage. 

She was squirming uncontrollably, begging to be unlocked. 

Hahahaha nope. 

The next time Mel came back, she brought some of her friends. Beccy was surrounded. They touched her shoulders, her arms even her thigh! Secretly I had hoped one of them would discover he was wearing ladies undergarments. 

I dropped hints to the ladies all throughout the meal, blatantly humiliating Rebecca. They laughed at her expense. 

When all of a sudden the ladies started their dance routines, bending over and shaking what their mamas gave them. Rebecca desperately wanted out. 

Not quite yet.  

And then, they made REBECCA dance! They stood her on a chair in the middle of the booked out restaurant and made her dance for their entertainment. Little did Rebecca know her little g-string was poking out from the top of her jeans and she unknowingly shook it in front of 150 people. 

The looks my Beccy got after that, you couldn't have put a price on it. 

The meal was finished and as we were leaving Rebecca beamed. 

"That was fun goddess. Can we do that again?" 

"We will see Rebecca, we will see." 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Playing Dress ups and learning lessons

As I stood in my bathroom fixing my hair into a sleek high pony tail a small flitter went through my stomach.

Tonight was the night Rebecca was really going to learn her place under my wing. 

I gave myself a quick "up and down" before deciding I looked sexy enough in my shiny vinyl leggings and red corset and skyscraper Mary Jane's to make my entrance. 

And there she stood, blonde curls falling over her shoulders, petticoat showing under her costume and trembling. 
"I... I can't get my stockings to work with m-my suspenders... I-is there a trick to them ... Or.." 

I couldn't help but giggle, there's nothing more adorable than seeing a terrified little sissy. This was her first real experience with Alexia and I was determined to show her her place, but not scare her off completely. 

Over the last few weeks, I'd grown quite fond of Rebecca and didn't want my little birdy taking flight just yet, especially when our fun was only just beginning! I am so determined to mould her into something truly special. But different subs also require different teaching styles and my Beccy needed a firm hand with a soft touch. 

I ordered her to my bed chamber, "I'll show you in here, pay attention silly sissy for I will only show you once".

For the first time in my entire domme career, I had knelt in front of my submissive. Looking up at Rebecca like that was different experience I must say, but though I may have been the one on bended knee, it was still clear that I was the dominant. As I informed her of how to fasten the clips correctly, we were both reminded of our places by a constant click and jingle. The rhythmic tapping of her padlock knocking against her CB-6000s and the airy jingle of her keys, the same keys to unlock that padlock flittering against each other above my perfect corseted cleavage. 

I fixed her thigh highs and fluffed out her petticoat. I straightened her wig and fixed her cape. 

Pleased, I moved her over to my long mirror and showed her off. 
"Do you like what you see Rebecca"? I asked her gently. 

I could hear the smile and happiness in her voice when she whispered back
"Yes. Yes Goddess. Very much so".

I lead Rebecca over to my bed and instructed her over my bended knees. "you must thank me for my spanks. understood?" 
she nodded and I began to rain down on her perfect little bottom with a series of hard, quick spanks. 

I heard her whimpers, they only fueld my hands to spank harder and faster. Finding a fast and rhythmic pattern her bright red bottom radiated heat, chastity cage clicking against it's lock, her cries and sobs echoing off my walls and her face shone with tears. Still I pressed on. Rebecca must learn her place.

Satisfied with her glowing, grazed arse, I anointed it with a soothing cream. From her jumps I guessed it stung and I couldn't help but chuckle. If she thinks this is bad, the next hour will be torture for her.  

I instructed her on all fours as I buckled on my strap on and it's harness. Oh Beccy, that poor little sissy hole of yours won't look the same again after I'm finished with you. 

I started with my latex covered fingertips, stretching her wide open, probing my way inside her. Primarily, the exercise was to find her prostate gland. With my other hand I felt her little clitstick trying to push it's way through the tiny opening at the tip of her cage. 

Without warning, I replaced my fingertip with a butt plug. Moving it inside her, hearing her moans. "I don't want to please her" I thought. A larger plug was necessary. 

I felt her wince as I pushed it into her, this was the size I needed. So I fucked her little sissy hole senseless, purposefully aiming for her prostate. 

I heard her asking to cum, but sadly for her it wasn't going to happen. I slipped her panties up over her plug and instructed her to worship my bright purple cock. "Don't you dare let that plug fall out of your arse Beccy." 
"Yes goddess". 

She hungrily sucked off my huge dong, chastity cage clicking and forgetting about her plug. First mistake. Out it fell. 
A bigger one was necessary. She cried in protest but In it went followed by a seres of hard smacks. 

She must learn her place. 

We played for a further hour before I got bored of her and sent her for clean up and to bed. 

As she emerged from the bathroom I saw a sullen look upon her face. I had broken her in and I was very pleased with myself.